On sale ... disposable microscopes!

    The phrase “disposable microscope” sounds rather strange. However, from now on such a device exists in nature. Depending on the level of illumination, a "microscope" (it looks like a thin plate) allows you to increase objects by 500, or even 1000 times! A good toy for kids - true, foreign. A pack of 5 plates worth $ 89 is not affordable for every parent.


    With the help of magnifying plates, you can consider the structure of human hair, plant cells, different microscopic living creatures and even blood components - in general, who cares. Our foreign colleagues, for example, did not come up with anything better than to use the novelty ... to count the number of sperm cells - we hope they are not going to do this procedure in crowded places. :)


    Source: amazingworld.ru.

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