There were white, there were black, and now “other” optimizers.
    After reading this, all the webmasters realized that the optimization market would change.
    My prediction is that “other” (or gray) optimizers will appear.
    There used to be whites who promoted resources, making quality content, getting natural links, and so on. There were black ones who wound PR and did all sorts of other tricky things. But now Google has decided to punish those sites that buy links. What can this lead to? I have a website and I want to take the first position in Google search. I turn to the “other” optimizer and what does it do? And he begins to buy links not to me, but to my competitors and systematically knocks on them, thereby knocking them out of delivery. If this works, as Google promises us, then the most expensive links will be those that are guaranteed to knock the site out of delivery. At the same time, site owners who will be knocked out of the issue will not be able to influence this process in any way,

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