What is GOOZZY?

    Good day to all. As always, a post on a habr, this is a kind of exam. There are many experienced people, and therefore the value of feedback is extremely high.

    GOOZZY is a new meta-internet project. We specifically introduced a new term so as not to claim the title of web 3.0. The prefix “meta-” can mean returnability, that is, something “aimed at oneself”, for example, meta-information is information about information, or “something coming after” is a known fact that the term “metaphysics” appeared due to that the work of Aristotle, which had no name at that time, went right after his work “Physics”.

    Let's try to look at today's web. If we throw away a huge number of unpopular services, in the bottom line we get several social networks, as well as extremely popular thematic resources, for example, Habr or littleone. Social networks are quite closed and, let’s say, self-sufficient. Thematic resources are UGC-projects, which in many respects contain links to other sites and discussion of these sites. Users specifically explore the Internet, find interesting sites, topics, articles, and come to their thematic resource to discuss.

    One of our employees, Yuri Buyanov (we try to listen to our employees), came up with a simple idea - “what if you comment on the site directly on the site itself, on top of the content”?
    GOOZZY.com is a closed beta version of the result of this simple idea. GOOZZY users can leave yellow stickers on any Internet page, share interesting ideas and communicate right on top of the Internet.

    We did not want to go into deep development for many months, and therefore we started in closed mode with limited functionality in just a month. Our task is to understand how viable the project is, what functionality our users require, and what use cases will become popular.
    Unfortunately, only the FireFox version is currently available. This decision is well thought out - we don’t want to waste extra time supporting two branches of the project, since the main task is to understand the needs of users.
    Who is interested - write in PM your soaps, I will hand out a number of invites.

    Goozzy.com - make the Internet a diaper.

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