Does the user's browser support CSS to the required extent?

    Modernizr is a small simple JavaScript library that will help you get an answer to the question whether the user's browser supports technologies such as:
    • HTML5
    • Canvas
    • rgba ()
    • hsla ()
    • border-image
    • border-radius
    • box-shadow
    • Multiple background images
    • Transparency
    • CSS animation
    • Columns
    • Gradients
    • Reflections
    • CSS Transformation
    • CSS transitions

    Would you like to simplify the layout, knowing that the user's browser supports CSS features such as, for example, multiple background images? With Modernizr, this is easy! The syntax is very clear:

    body.multiplebgs div p {
    /* properties for browsers that
    support multiple backgrounds */
    } div p {
    /* optional fallback properties
    for browsers that don't */

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