Effective presentation skills

    On February 4, as part of a series of internal educational seminars , Evgeny Marchenkov , an expert on strategic technologies at Microsoft, who has many years of experience and speaking at key events of the company, spoke at our place.

    Eugene talked about how to make presentations correctly. In an hour and a half, listeners learned a sea of ​​useful information, ranging from information about the main stages of preparing a presentation to its non-verbal and paraverbal means.

    “Why do you need to effectively present yourself? Everything is very simple - you increase your fame. If you go to conferences, give presentations, share technologies, they will find out about you, write about you on the Internet, and you will gradually become a brand.

    Once you become famous, you add fame to your company. You become famous, you are recognized as an expert, a bunch of competitors say “Come to us!”, And your boss says “Stay with us, we will increase your salary” and you will remain. All this is due to the fact that you begin to speak. ”

    Eugene diluted the theoretical part with interesting exercises, which added a share of interactivity to his already excellent performance.
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    Internal seminars are a good habit of our company. Our colleagues prepare presentations on them and tell once every two weeks, on Fridays, useful information from narrowly specialized areas of activity, thereby expanding the knowledge in this area among all employees.

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