Runetology (46): CEO Egor Yakovlev

    Tvigle Media CEO Yegor Yakovlev - about business, new media and the latest trends in the advertising market, about and entertainment video content, about media convergence, about series, brands and the formation of the Internet TV segment.

    Guest Interview:
    • What is more important - a revolutionary idea or a successful business scheme?
    • a pioneer in the entertainment video content market?
    • Runet and video content: how is the new media environment developing?
    • What is "Internet video" and what are its differences from TV
    • Tvigle: management structure, investments and future plans
    • New media in Russia and the West
    • Should brands make our lives better?
    Discussed news:
    • The police will fight with torrent users
    • An advertising agency is looking for a microblogger taxi driver
    • The electronic payment market will double in 2010
    • The most popular Runet blog hacked by hacker Hell
    • 20% of work traffic goes to social networks
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