Beta Adobe Flash Player 10.1 released with support for hardware video acceleration

    Habravchane, it happened!


    Adobe finally managed to release a beta version of the long-announced Flash Player 10.1, information about which I already provided to the habrasociety . It is recommended to test this player on ion netbooks and nettops in order to get a noticeable effect to the naked eye.

    As always, there were some restrictions. Since this is a test build, it correctly and efficiently works exclusively with special drivers from nVidia version 195.50 and higher. You can download this magical version of drivers from the official ftp server in a tricky way, but if the load on the private ftp is removed, I’m afraid that it will fly me ...

    Download here:

    Unfortunately, at the moment I do not have any ionic devices in my hands, so the owners of Revo or similar devices - describe the work of Youtube HD in the comments if it does not complicate.

    Flash Player download page itself -


    As prompted in the comments, 10.1 also received support for ATI Stream, with similar CUDA features. >> Habrapruflink <<
    Here you can see the development video on this topic -

    Drivers for ATI-AMD can be found on the official website, they just updated 11/17/09 ...

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