Cosmonautics Day 2019: events by city

    This year Cosmonautics Day falls on Friday. Ideal for the concept of Yuri's Night, in which you can celebrate the first manned space flight not only with a popular science event, but also with a party. Under the cut - a variety of activities, by city and online.

    Map of events Yuri's Night


    At the Cosmonautics Museum a week of events . April 12 “Vinyl Cosmos” in the S.P. Queen and unannounced surprise, 13 Total dictation, performance and meeting with the astronaut.

    At the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, where the Cosmos pavilion has been open for a year, the festival "Time to Space" . The official site .

    Moscow Planetarium conducts original tours .

    Cosmonautics Day will also be celebrated by city parks, here is their list of events .

    The Pushchino Radio Observatory has a traditional open day .

    At the Children's Musical Theater. Sats ballet "Aelita" , and in the lounge cafe VERANDA party .

    On April 14, in the Zaryadye park, the VR project Valerika Meets Gagarin .

    In bunker 703 (special archive of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Cosmos Underground .

    Events are also aggregated in the calendar of the community “Your Space Sector”.

    St. Petersburg

    The Cosmonautics Federation of Russia - North-West has prepared a rather big programof the festival “Lunar Island” on April 14: rocket launches, free admission to the museum, meeting with astronauts, performance of a space duet.

    In the St. Petersburg planetarium, the program will go all weekend .

    And the Gutenberg Smoking Room department holds three lectures on April 12th.


    Here Cosmonautics Day comes earlier, both in the planetarium and in the ART-P.A.B.E. “Yurina Night” on the evening of April 11th .


    In the Historical Square, the traditional action "April 12 - 12 hours - 12 volleys." You can also go to the planetarium .


    Cosmonautics Day in the park "Russia is my story." Kazan Theater of Young Spectatorsinvites to the apartment building "Flying in a dream and in reality."


    Cosmonautics Day at the Public Library .


    Lectures in the planetarium .


    Samara is the most athletic city, every year on April 12 they run around there. This year, the 7th has already run, and the 12th ceremonial events . On the night from Saturday to Sunday Kinonoch at Samara University.


    In the planetarium, in addition to a richer than usual program , quest, moon observation and reconstruction of Gagarin’s flight in the Orbiter simulator.

    Nizhny Novgorod

    Cosmonautics Dayin the Science Park and a lecture "How to navigate the stars and satellites" in the planetarium .


    In the Philharmonic "Triumph" is the fourth "Yurina night . "


    At the State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics K.E. Tsiolkovsky will host festive events .


    Lecture by ISU professor Sergei Yazev and special screenings in the Great Irkutsk Planetarium at school 19.

    Belgorod Region

    Belgorod Region, Belgorod Region, pos. Oak, microdistrict. "Snail" st. Happy Space Party from Cosmonaut community.


    Today there was a celebration program .


    The planetarium holds a flash mob, bookmark the alley, shows a new program and rewards the winners of the children's contest.


    Cosmonautics Day is celebrated in the park "Russia is my story."


    April 12-13, events at the icebreaker "Lenin" (ICAE).

    The village of Nizhny Arkhyz

    Special Astrophysical Observatory holds an open day on April 10-12.


    Lecture and film screening.


    Play in Kiev and a big program in the Dnieper .

    Without physical location

    All day April 12 festive broadcast of Radio Betelgeuse.

    And on April 13, at 8 p.m. Moscow time, the stream of reconstruction of Gagarin’s flight to Orbiter along with the movie “First Orbit”, recordings of the historical flight talks and explanatory comments on my channel .

    Know about an event not mentioned? Write in the comments, I will definitely add.

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