“Context” more - fewer banners

    Last year, the volume of the online advertising market grew by 87% to $ 187 million, and this year it can reach $ 300 million, according to estimates by MindShare Interaction (MI, owned by WPP holding). Unlike AKAR , a professional association of advertising market participants, MI includes both media and contextual advertising indicators in its calculations. And in 2006, estimates of the volumes of the latter turned out to be higher.

    This is an interesting result, since a year earlier, experts claimed that the "media" and "context" correspond to 60% and 40%. They predicted that in 2006 both segments would be equal, but in the end MI points to a 55% share of contextual advertising in the total cost of advertisers.

    “The volume of contextual advertising in Russia over the past year has grown by more than 100% and amounted to about $ 102 million," says Maria Chernitskaya, general director of the iContext contextual advertising agency, MediaRevolution reports . She believes that this growth dynamics is caused by the advent of small and medium-sized business advertisers on the Internet, for whom this type of placement is most attractive. In Yandex, which is the leader of the "contextual" market in Runet, they agree with the MI results, Kommersant writes .

    Media (banner) advertising, according to MI, earned $ 85 million in placement of advertisers modules in 2006. The forecast for this indicator for 2007 is $ 135 million. Against the background of rising online costs, banner advertising costs will increase on average 55-60%. At the same time, the largest customers in this segment are now FMCG-brands, automobile and financial companies, notes MI CEO Ashmanov. In 2007, he expects an increase in costs in the category of household, audio and video equipment. In 2006, the five most active advertisers included Beeline, General Motors, MTS, Microsoft and Motorola, according to MI.

    Meanwhile, the AKAR results for the first half of 2006 indicated a significantly larger growth in the media part of the market. According to the association, during this period its volume amounted to $ 45 million, which is 80% more than in the first half of 2005 ($ 25 million). Reviewing the whole of 2006, AdWatch reports a 65% increase in display advertising to $ 100 million. IMHO VI gives lower estimates - 45-47%, indicating that the source of growth was the arrival of FMCG clients.

    Note that the MI data presented includes only estimates of the costs of advertising without taking into account the costs of creative and the production of advertising materials.

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