In Europe, the stagnation of the broadband market

    Statistics show that at the end of 2006, the European broadband market almost stopped growing. In the III quarter. In 2006, semi-annual growth was only 7%, while in 2005 it was 23%. Experts say the reason for the stagnation is the dominance of large telecoms. Almost the only bright spot on the map of Europe is Latvia, a free communication market has been created there and it is developing at a rapid pace.

    Market research is carried out by the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA). In their published reportAnother important trend is noted: in some key countries, the former monopoly operators were able to partially restore their market share, which they lost in previous years. According to ECTA experts, the two trends are interconnected.

    In the III quarter. In 2006, the semi-annual growth of the entire European market was only 7%, while in 2005 it was 23%.

    In some European countries, the development of broadband has virtually stopped. For example, in Denmark and Belgium, the number of connections increased by only 3%. In France, it’s only 10%, so the country has rolled back from leading positions to the 8th place in the “ECTA Broadband Rating”. It was in these countries that last year national telecommunications operators, former monopolists, strengthened their positions. They control more than 50% of the market also in Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Greece.

    For comparison, in Germany, the share of Deutsche Telekom fell to 48% - and this immediately had a positive effect on the communications market, which for six months increased by 15%. The fastest growing regions of Europe in the six months of 2006 were the Czech Republic (an increase of 123%) and Latvia (+ 109%).

    In terms of broadband penetration in the first places, Denmark (30.3%), Holland (29.8%), Finland (26%) and Sweden (24.4%). The average European level is 14.8%. The total number of broadband lines in Europe has increased to 68.4 million. Detailed statistics for all countries can be downloaded in the XLS table .

    The freest market in Europe is the UK, where the share of the national provider is only 25%. In second place among all European countries is Latvia (30%). This is followed by the Czech Republic, Malta and Sweden (36–38% each). The diagram shows the share of the national provider in the largest European countries (in blue).

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