Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to balance video games with pornography

    The California governor and state attorney Jerry Brown have demanded that the ban on the sale of violent video games to minors be reinstated. The request was sent to the US Supreme Court.

    In February, the 9th US Court of Appeals overturned the ban as violating the constitutional amendment on free speech. According to the court, parental control is sufficient to limit access to video games. The court also found that there was no scientific evidence of the negative impact of violent video games on adolescent behavior.

    Video game access restrictions were introduced in California in 2005. Game manufacturers from the Entertainment Software Association immediately filed a lawsuit demanding the lifting of the ban. According to the head of the Association, Michael D. Gallagher, the requirement to restrict access to games is “meaningless”, since video games are divided into age categories in the same way as video films, which allows parents to decide whether or not to buy this or that a game for your children.

    Schwarzenneger and Brown said Wednesday that violent video games should be treated the same as pornographic material.

    via CNBC

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