Keyboard Overview for PS3 Controller

    In principle, overhead keyboards for game controllers, they are also Messenger Kit, they are ThumbPads, they are ChatPads, they are not the first gaming necessity, because text on a PS3 can be entered with a regular gamepad: yes, it’s difficult, yes hemorrhoids, but still possible. However, if some game (say, Killzone 3) with amazing multiplayer, which implies constant communication, captures you completely and does not want to let go of your strong arms, you should still think about buying such a mega device.

    Some irresponsible comrades will probably ask us a question: do you need a keyboard at all, when the PS3 has a great opportunity for both voice communication in the game and sending voice messages? We answer: of course, the importance of voice communication is difficult to overestimate. However, the Messenger Kit steers in two situations: first, it is necessary when voice communication is impossible or undesirable (for example, you decide to relax at the console in the evening after work, and your little child has already fallen asleep). Secondly, ChatPad can provide a good service when you play online with foreigners, whose English sometimes has such a monstrous accent that you simply can’t do without subtitles. And finally, you should not discount the category of citizens who, instead of discussing the issue in two minutes by mobile,

    Immediately make a reservation that our review will probably turn out to be somewhat one-sided with a serious bias towards the native keyboard from the PlayStation. But there are reasons for this. Firstly, ChatPads of other manufacturers in Russia are almost impossible to get, secondly, they do not have a Russian layout, and thirdly, other devices are objectively more bulky. However, to the point.

    The first thing a user discovers by removing the keyboard from the box is the absence of any additional components. And they are not needed: to make ChatPad work, it is enough to charge it with its own mini-USB for 3 hours from the PS3 gamepad, which is included with any console model. The weight of the device is only 60 g, so any insinuations that the Messenger Kit somehow complicates the controller and interferes with the game process - from the evil one. Externally, the device looks very stylish and high-quality and so organically fits into the concept and visual style of the Sonic gamepad that after a couple of weeks of use it is no longer possible to present them separately. ThumbPad is attached to the controller in the manner of clip fasteners, which is very convenient.

    The keyboard has two layouts: English and Russian, and Shakespeare’s language is for some time in opposition to the great and mighty: Russian letters are two times more than English. All the function keys that the user is accustomed to on the computer keyboard are also present here: Esc, BackSpace, CapcLock, left and right Shift, Enter, Space and function arrows. On the sides of the device in place of the "bamers" are the blue and orange buttons, which are responsible for entering alternative values.

    Some complain that the buttons on the Messenger Kit are small, but in our opinion, entering text on it is no less convenient than, say, on a BlackBerry smartphone, and indeed on any mobile phone. A matter of habit and nothing more.

    A keyboard from a well-known world leader in the manufacture of gaming devices would also seem to be a good choice, if not for its monstrous dimensions. However, for those for whom size does not matter, a slightly larger key size may be to their liking, compared to Sony's original Messenger Kit. This device also connects to the controller in the manner of clips and works from a Bluetooth transmitter connected to the console via a USB port.

    Finally, ChatPads from two Australian manufacturers, Hive Accessories and PowerWave, which differ only in name, seem to be the least sensible choice. Firstly, this ThumbPad is unattractive from a visual point of view, and secondly, this thing is quite heavy, given that it works on two AAA batteries. It differs from the Sony and Mad Catz keyboards in the square size of the keys. It is also noteworthy in it that it is located below, and not on top of the controller, as in the products of competitors. However, whether it is good or bad is up to the consumer to decide.

    Summary: objectively, the PS3 keyboard is the best of those presented for the test. Both visually and functionally. Well, is this device for you a product from the must have category - you decide. But we would recommend!

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