Jelastic is the new kind of Java hosting platform

    Jelastic - cloud hosting for previously developed or new Java applications.

    Distinctive features

    • 100% support for the standard technology stack - no binding to the proprietary API platform
    • visual topology constructor - visualization when creating environment topologies
    • vertical scaling - the presence of which is critical for a certain type of application
    • a wide range of databases and application servers - in the near future this set will be expanded even more

    We are continuing to develop Jelastic and are pleased to announce the increase in seats on board.

    Anyone who has previously gained access can enter without additional registrations. For other interested persons, please leave a request at .

    Special BIG thanks to everyone who has made a personal contribution to the development of our product. Some users showed very high interest - either found bugs or made very important development suggestions. Special thanks to our user, who unfortunately is not on Habré. He created the maven plugin and ant-task plugin on his own initiative.

    In the current release of R1.2

    1. visual topology constructor
    2. ability to enable HighAvailability application topology (basis for horizontal scaling)
    3. load balancing between two instances
    4. support for proxying static files for quick uploads to the client (nginx)
    5. Added support for the new software stack: Tomcat 7, MariaDB, MongoDB
    6. reduced memory scaling step to 128MB
    7. support for different contexts for deploy applications
    8. loading user libraries to the server core
    9. expanded ability to edit configuration files
    10. loading configuration files from a local disk
    11. environments now by default receive the domain {name}
    12. the ability to bind external second level domains
    13. access to instances through aliases, for example,
    14. improved statistics manager
    15. Log manager updated
    16. GUI improved
    17. many serious and minor bugs fixed
    18. documentation
    19. video examples

    Already on the R1.3 approach with features such as "hot" switching environments (swap environments), cloning entire environments and other equally necessary functions.

    Waiting for your suggestions and comments
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