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    Our local telecommunications has announced a contest for the best creative about new “unlimited tariffs”. Well, actually published these creations. I removed their tackle so that they would not stomp me. I warn you in advance from creatives that you can get brain damage;)

    Creation numbered times: Song No. 1

    Your neighbor doesn’t sleep at night now.
    He set himself an unlimited number.
    Chorus sits on the Internet :
    He sits on the Internet - 2 times.

    Your neighbor stopped bored.
    He can download anything.
    Now he has no
    bans . And this is all unlimited. Internet
    Unlimited Internet - 2 times

    Do you want to be like a neighbor?
    What are you waiting for - plug in the Internet!
    Unlimited Internet, unlimited Internet!

    Creation Number Two: Verse No. 1

    If you want to download gigs, then
    it’s time to connect an unlimited amount
    And you don’t regret the money for it

    Creation Nubmer Three: Tagline

    Connect unlimited - stand in a row with me!
    Make all enemies choke on saliva!

    Creation Number Four: Verse 2

    (read like Mayakovsky))
    High speed,
    no restrictions No
    more Connect to
    unlimited Internet!

    Creation Number Five: Song No. 2

    I’m brought USI anlim
    to us, I’m brought USI anlim,
    everyone is happy, glad,
    I’m just sitting alone,
    and I’m not connected,
    what a fool I am, I
    ’ll be connected tomorrow

    And now the highlight of the program!

    Number Number Six Creation: Source Image: WSI Forum

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