Today 28.07 Online we disassemble into cogs: iOs and Android, AppStore and Android Market

    UPD online broadcast is over, thank you all.
    Entries will be posted in about a week.

    Today we broadcast the Developer Garage event - these are in-depth workshops for developers and it-entrepreneurs in the field of developing mobile applications and the web.
    Link to online

    Promise many practical cases.
    13-30 - 13-40 Opening of the conference.
    13-40 - 15-00 Porting applications to different platforms
    15-15 - 16-45 Mobile application market: alternative methods of monetization
    17-00 - 18-00 Agile as a project management methodology in mobile development
    18-00 - 18-30 What , for whom and how to do it for iPhone / iPad to maximize revenue
    18:30 - 19:30 How much does a mobile developer cost and who is hunting for him?

    As always, it is possible to watch Flash and HTML5 for Apple devices.

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