Amazing near, or ddate command on Linux / Unix

    It is only necessary to accidentally press the key twice, and you find yourself in a new amazing world. So, today I entered " ddate " instead of " date " in the console and found a lot of interesting things. It turned out that ddate displays the current date on the "Discordian calendar."

    “WTF?” Someone will say, which will exactly repeat my reaction. The short answer is something like this: The Discordian calendar is used by fans of Discordianism. A Discordianism (Discordianism) - according to Russian Wikipedia- “A parody of a religion or a religion disguised as a parody. Unlike traditional religions that preach harmony, discordianism deifies chaos. The main deity of discordianism is Eris, the ancient Greek goddess of discord, who threw an apple of discord at a wedding feast at Peleus. The founding book is Principia Discordia (1958 or 1959), written by Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst (Kerry Thornley) and Malaklips the Younger (Greg Hill). ”
    More detailed information is in the English version: according to the calendar and religion itself . It’s generally amusing - for example, the following: “there are 5 73-day seasons in the Discordian calendar: Chaos, Discord, Confusion, Bureaucracy and Consequences”.

    Detailed information on the launch and date format of the command itself, of course, inman ddate , from there I’ll give only examples of use: PS: I didn’t come up with anything better (in terms of deployment) than “Linux for all”.

    % ddate
    Sweetmorn, Bureaucracy 42, 3161 YOLD

    % ddate +'Today is %{%A, the %e of %B%}, %Y. %N%nCelebrate %H'
    Today is Sweetmorn, the 42nd of Bureaucracy, 3161.

    % ddate +"It's %{%A, the %e of %B%}, %Y. %N%nCelebrate %H" 26 9 1995
    It's Prickle-Prickle, the 50th of Bureaucracy, 3161.
    Celebrate Bureflux

    % ddate +"Today's %{%A, the %e of %B%}, %Y. %N%nCelebrate %H" 29 2 1996
    Today's St. Tib's Day, 3162.

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