The best startups of April

    April rating pleased. The top 10 projects of the month, going through the crucible of the national qualifying vote , and selecting in the final rating, in front of you. These are 10 really very cool projects. I am absolutely convinced that these are the strongest 10 projects of all time, that we are doing similar ratings. Nothing more to say. Under the cut you will find 10 great startups, some of which you will surely like. Meanwhile, voting for the title of the best startup in May will begin very soon. You can register for participation here -

    10 place Confiture is a tool for online backup of your data. Now you no longer need to store at home a pile of DVD drives, or an external drive. You can just go to the confiture and save important data easily and conveniently. They will remain available to you both in months and in years.

    Yuri Zayats (Developer): “Confiture is almost the only online backup system released for the Russian-speaking market. For some regions, the cost of unlimited access is still too high, but this situation is constantly improving. We believe that after some time, online backup will become the main one for home users. The internal server implementation allows you to easily change the billing system and the file storage server, replacing them, for example, with similar provider systems ”

    9th place is a new project about video games, which announces itself as the main hit of the season and the best Runet website about games. The site itself is also made in a truly gaming style. Habra-like model is diluted with additional features of the game plan. For example, gaining your reputation, in the future you will be able to ban other users, intercept their nicknames, change their profiles. Real pirates of the 21st century.

    8th place Elama is a platform with the help of which you can easily plan, run and manage contextual advertising companies on the Internet. The project is similar to the recently launched It can be seen that a niche is very beneficial if, at once, several such ambitious projects are launched in it in a short time.

    Alexey Dovzhikov (Service Director):“According to our estimates, eLama saves advertisers more than five times the time to prepare and launch an advertising campaign. Moreover, once a prepared campaign can be saved as a template and in the future use an unlimited number of times to launch other campaigns - for example, in other regions or on other sites. For advertising agencies, it is possible to create a file in Excel for Yandex.Direct, XML for Runner. In the future, it is planned to implement a single consolidated reporting and bid management ”

    7th place A laboratory is a set of template commercials that are very easy to adapt to the needs of each particular client, and at the same time their cost is extremely low compared to similar videos made at production studios. Of course, such a video will not be able to count on Cannes Lions, but for cable television it is quite acceptable.

    Evgeny Wolf (Author of the idea):“The whole trick is that the cost of the work is set not by the heads of production studios, but by the designers themselves, without any allowances, and the video itself is sold several times, just in different“ clothes ”. The source code in the catalog can be changed beyond recognition, indicating at the time of placing the order: which text and logo should be inserted in place of the current one. Upon payment, within 24 hours, the customer receives an exclusive broadcast of broadcast quality directly to the e-mail ”

    6th place is a project that allows full-scale "holy wars" on the most pressing topics. Each confrontation is presented to two parties, for example, AMD vs. Intel ”- you choose one of them by simply voting for it, or by commenting on your choice. is distinguished from other similar projects by its well-thought-out structure and pleasant design.

    8cinq (Developer):“We have a special structure, somewhat reminiscent of the lovehate project, but much more advanced precisely for the needs of disputes. Flood feels very bad on our site, and to see a complete picture of the dispute between the two sides is an opportunity that has not been realized yet. There is no need to be afraid of being covered by a larger party, which is why I do not even want to arrange some disputes. Each side twists the ratings only within its group, punishing it with a minus for dullness or flood in its ranks or plusing good arguments. Holivars have a logical conclusion when, after a certain amount of time, the winner is announced "

    5th place SimplaCMS is a convenient, attractive and functional online store management system. The control panel interface is very convenient and intuitive. Perhaps the only drawback of this control system is its cost - $ 400.

    Denis Pikusov (Developer): “Since I was originally involved in creating stores for end customers, I constantly had to advise them on working with the store. With each new version of the control system, I took into account all the difficulties faced by the end user. Thus, I came to what is now, namely, the most simple and convenient interface of the control system. The main difference from analogues is the ease of use of the script. The rest are chasing a lot of unnecessary features - and I rely on convenience ”

    4th place Rumiks is a web application that allows you to fully plan / re-plan your room / apartment. You can completely change its size, proportion, arrangement of doors, windows, furniture. It is possible to view the made room from above and in 3D. The monetization of the project is successful - by choosing a sofa or chest of drawers you like, and finding him a place in your newly planned apartment, you can immediately purchase it by clicking on the link from his personal card to the store’s website.

    Ilya Lagutin (Developer):“In the virtual room you can arrange three-dimensional models of cabinets, sofas, chairs from the catalog, paint the walls, lay carpets, hang your portrait on the wall and with one click get a list with all the goods and contacts of the stores. We focus on the presence of a simple user interface in the application and convenient navigation, so we try to make it possible for every housewife or office plankton to use it ”

    3rd place A project called "Garage" realizes the long-standing blue dream of mankind - the creation of artificial intelligence. Now, each user of this project can create a character for himself, adjust his character and appearance, and begin to gradually teach the correct and complete communication, as well as use it as a contact person on his projects or blogs.

    Shick (Developer):“The idea is that any person can create their own character (we call them info), who will communicate with the interlocutor in a natural language and say adequate things. Character and appearance are customizable. You can train the infa by talking logs, adjust its reactions to the interlocutor’s actions, change the behavior of the linguistic “engine” by substituting its own answers to predefined topics (the engine “guesses” about the topic of conversation) ”

    2nd place is a youth social network, for the promotion of which a real American startup development specialist was invited. The topic of children’s and youth’s social networks is now very much in demand in Runet. On Tinza, you can chat with the idols of youth, take part in duels to identify yourself, exchange flirtations and make a quality photojab in a couple of minutes.

    1st place Our April champion is the first Russian full-fledged designer of social networks, an analogue of the western Everyone can now create a social network for themselves and do it quite simply. The project has already created hundreds of local social networks. The subjects are the most diverse: football, real estate, astronomy, cars, and so on.

    Antig (Developer):“The main feature of the designer is the extremely simple and intuitive control of your network, which allows the user who does not even know all the intricacies of website development (programming, layout, hosting, etc.) to make a full-fledged website. Another difference from classic social networks is openness. To view any network, registration by default is not needed, which allows you to freely go about the project. Soon, the creator of the network will be able to regulate access to his social network by setting up a system of rights. The future belongs to thematic social networks that will unite like-minded people and help to find friends according to their interests. This is precisely the task that the project fulfills ”

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