Regarding the optimus tactus,

    it was necessary to do so.

    The surface of the keyboard consists of 655,360 cm tubes with the function of optical fibers (something like pieces of optical fiber, only rigid). 355 360 is a resolution of 1280x512. The active (dynamic) area of ​​the keyboard is about the same horizontal size as the 20-inch monitor, so a resolution of 1280x512 should be enough. But better, of course, is more.

    Each fiber is equipped with an electromagnetic lifting mechanism.

    It is clear that when you press such a volume-drawn button with your finger, the pressure on the central optical fibers will be clearly greater than on the extreme ones, so it is necessary to create a system for linking optical fibers belonging to one button.

    In addition, the electromagnets that raise the optical fibers must provide the ability to create buttons with different values ​​of the force required for their (buttons) pressing. Thus, it will be possible to create “sliders” - when the user shifts such an object to the side, the force vector is directed not vertically downward, but at an angle, and the projection of the vector on the vertical axis will be several times lower than with a normal button click.

    You can also create, say, a window in which a video file is played, then, when you click on any area inside this window (in this case, the light guide system is disabled), the window can be “dragged” by the keyboard.

    You can create a keyboard with any number of keys, with any configuration, you can also change the height of individual keys (or rather, not keys - any objects). And you can show on such a keyboard (from the keyboard tour and monitor) the terrain. And in toys, when the cartridges in the minigun run out, the minigun power button will simply disappear.

    I won’t say anything about the price; I’m not creating such a device yet.

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