Switcher Notes

    I'll start from afar, with the fact that I have been friends with computers for a very long time and Windows has been using it since version 3.0, if my memory serves me right. Always considered Windows an excellent operating system and was its ardent defender until last summer.
    My acquaintance with Apple started a year ago, when I bought a 30 gigabyte iPod, which at least couldn’t accommodate my entire music collection, but taught me how to use playlists in iTunes, and today I just don’t understand how you can store and search for music differently .
    At the beginning of summer, 2 photographers came to visit me, who vied with each other to show me the new MacBook at www.apple.com . Of course, he really pleased me - both externally and internally. A month later, as soon as the MacBook appeared in the ReStore, I bought it.
    Before that, I had an Acer TravellMate 3002, a great machine, a 12 "screen, lightweight, fast, with a bunch of card readers, etc. The MacBook is much heavier, the screen is bigger, it’s best to carry it in a backpack. BUT IT’S ALL IMPORTANT!
    I brought home a beautiful box, opened and turned on.As it turned out, Mac OS X is understandable at first glance (before that I hadn’t seen it at all), it’s very visual and simple.
    My first surprise was when I decided to connect my Stream. I inserted the usb wire from the modem into the beech and entered the username and password. AND ALL !!! I went online! Mom, as I recall, how many drivers I installed on my previous PC, how many I set up and ran with a tambourine, so that for the first time it worked, I just had 3 minutes, of which 2 I was looking for a piece of paper with a username and password. The exact same story happened when I connected the printer, I just inserted the wire and click Print, that's all.
    When buying in a car, there is already everything that an office employee needs to work. There is a month-long trial of the office from Microsoft (although it really slows down for 512 RAM, as long as it goes through Rosetta, adding another 512 solves all the problems with this). I was immediately very pleased with the office from Apple, their Keynote (making presentations, much more understandable and easier than PowerPoint) and Pages (an analogue of Word, there are several times fewer functions, but I liked the choice of document styles. I need a letter for work - here you have it, I need an invitation to that’s the wedding - any picture can be dragged from wherever you want to the document, command + t in all programs causes font selection, size, and so on.)
    In general, the menu in one place for all programs is very convenient, you always know what and where. Very convenient to use Dock, all frequently used programs within one click.
    I absolutely do not understand people who say that there are few programs for OS X and they need to be looked for somewhere. Is it easy to find a program for a PC? Oh well. Not only that, their insane number and you are tormented by the choice, but they are all either shareware, then paid, then some. Now, if I need some kind of program, then I describe its properties in the macro-community of Livejournal and after 10 minutes I have a complete list of what suits me, tips on how to use it all, and so on.
    After the Windows, it was difficult to get used to just two things: the comma and the dot in the Russian layout are not in the usual place at the bottom right, but at numbers 6 and 7; the second is the lack of the Delete button; its functions are performed by fn + backspace. But this is a matter of habit.)
    Computer freezes happen, but extremely rarely, several orders of magnitude less often than PCs.
    The photo storage scheme in iPhoto is very unusual, but what's the difference where they are stored when all control is possible from iPhoto? True memory she eats ohhh how much honestly.
    Now about Widgets from Dashboard. Convenient, very convenient. At the touch of a button, a page opens where you have everything you need and often watched: a calculator, dictionary, Wikipedia, translator, weather, calendar, etc., etc. Fast, easy and compact.
    At work, one problem arose, but the big one was corporate mail through Exchange. The entourage can not cope, the Makovsky exchange sees only letters. I solved the problem by installing Parallels, now I have small Windows and a small Outlook :) the
    MacBook is nice to hold in my hands, after its touchpad I can’t work with the mouse, why is it needed at all? There are many little things in it, absolutely unnecessary, but the discovery of which always pleases you! For example, magnets on top of the screen for Apple Remote. Built-in camera, which when installing a small program works as a security camera. It is necessary to leave somewhere, press the button on the remote control. The car beeps as if you put it on an alarm, if someone touches the computer, it starts yelling like a real alarm and photographs the one who touched :)
    The MacBook has a motion sensor that disables hard when a machine crashes from a table, for example. Using this function, you can turn a beech by the sound into a Jedi sword (very funny)).
    The power cable is not inserted into the machine, but is magnetized, so if someone touches the wire, it simply comes unfastened and the machine remains intact.
    The machine heats up a little, the sound, especially after the last update 10.4.9, is loud.
    You can talk a lot about each program, but I think I’ll stop there. The pluses are an incredible number of times more than the minuses of getting used to another system, even for conservative users.

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