Macro shot of a whale lens

    At the prompt of a friend I read here a foreign forum about macro photography. I want to share the result.

    At the forum, as an example, photographs were taken using a modified canon ef 35-80 1: 3,5-5.6 lens. I decided to "torment" my canon ef 28-80 1: 3,5-5,6 - a whale lens from a Canon SLR film.

    Actually, the whole modification consists in removing the front lens:

    whale macro shot

    In order to remove the front lens, it was only necessary to unscrew the three screws around the perimeter of the frame.

    After that, either turn over and gently shake the lens, or pry off for a special groove.

    whale macro shot

    That's all, you can put the lens on the camera and start taking pictures. In order to prevent dust from flying into the lens, you can wind the protective filter.

    The subject should be close enough (5-10 cm), well, the lighting should be accordingly good.

    I’ll give you a few examples (by clicking on a full-size 10Mpix photo): It’s a very good macro, and a budget one. ps the most popular “kit” 18-55 does not have screws on the frame, so it will be a little more difficult to remove the lens (if anyone is very interested, I’ll figure out how to disassemble the 18-55 and write it). Go for it,%% username%, take macro shots!

    the tip of a pencil

    screw and match

    bill fifty rubles


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