Management Impact on Projects

    Many of us, and possibly yourself, have encountered the problem of project management.

    What do I mean by that?

    I would like to start with a story about personal experience, from which you will understand the essence of the topic and its problems.
    A year ago, I came to work in the company “X” (I will call it conditionally so as to avoid incidents) and led its main project. The project was dedicated to media topics, something like a magazine or a yellow press, but that's not the point.
    My tasks included direct project management, writing thematic materials, updating and development. I had 5 people on staff - content managers, programmer and administrator. I had to manage all of them. Everything seemed to go smoothly and well until the bosses got it into their head to magnetize the project, build services and turn from a good media resource into a portal (garbage) ...
    From the very beginning, I tried to explain to the management that it would not do any good, because now people who are exclusively interested in materials use the resource, everything is convenient, good and right there, and that new services will not bring anything to the resource, since they simply are not included its theme, and trite no one needs. My statement was accepted with hostility and in an orderly order I was forced to do what they wanted ...
    As a result, we created a portal (garbage can), a lot of everything, news and even weather around the city ... So half a year passed, the result was an almost complete outflow of target audience, reduced attendance and loss-making of the entire system. As a result, the authorities agreed to return the old type of resource. Then half a year later, until partly the old audience returned to the site. But this was a great lesson for company management.

    Well, why am I leading all this ?! Again...

    Dear managers, listen to the opinion of project managers, and if you really want to, as much as you’re intolerable, bring something new and fresh to your project, first analyze if you need it ... it's very easy to do. First , ask visitors what they would like to see on the site yet, what they lack, then collect everything in a table and cross out what does not correspond to the resource at all. Secondly , conduct marketing research (in the event that the implemented function / service will be manetized). Thirdly , pay attention to such successful Russian and foreign projects, perhaps you should emphasize good ideas from them, only do not plagiarize.

    Well, that’s all! He shared his thoughts. America is not discovered, but for someone it may be interesting.

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