Alphabet N516 - not my choice

    Yesterday I purchased the e-book Alphabet n516 .

    Appearance of the device:

    During the first 6 hours of acquaintance, I managed to give up on the device and decided that it did not suit me.

    Why the ABC N516 did not fit me

    1. A PDF . I bought the book primarily with the intention of reading literature on programming on it. Most programming books can be found in PDF format.
      As my practice has shown, it is not possible to read PDF comfortably in the alphabet.
      It was stitched with the latest firmware, it became better than it was. But in a global sense, it did not get better. I could not set up the book so that it comfortably displayed PDF, so that I could read the book and keep it not at a distance of 20 cm in front of my nose (I’m not complaining about eyesight). The text remains very shallow and thin.

      The problem is complicated by the fact that the book does not remember the unique settings for each file.

      Tested for:
      Beginning iPhone 3 Development Exploring the iPhone SDK [2009, Apress] .pdf
      Programming in Objective-C 2.0.pdf

    2. DJVU . I'm testing further - I loaded djvu, the result is the same.
      Exhibit: .
      The book is complex enough to display, it is a fact. But it is not possible to read it on the reader, it is also a fact.
      In order to read 1 page, you will have to navigate through it 6 times or more. For me, such physical education is not compatible with the perception of information.

    3. CHM . But what if you download chm?
      Tested on this exhibit .

      Finally, the text is displayed clearly, no complaints. I turn to the table of contents - I see problems with the encoding. How did it happen that the file encoding is recognized correctly, but the table of contents encoding is not.
      I won’t say that the encoding of the table of contents influenced my decision too much, I think I would deal with this problem in some way (maybe I would rebuild chm).

      The problem is different - the chm markup that appears on the e-book has nothing to do with what the compilers of chm saw when they compiled it.

    It was these problems that made me hastily abandon the device and frantically look for ways to return it to the store or sell it. Probably in the near future the desire to buy any e-book will not arise.

    Why the ABC N516 may suit someone else

    Separately, I want to note the parameters that completely suited me:
    1. Device price
    2. Equipment
    3. Build quality case
    4. The quality of the display of books in txt, fb2 format really liked
    5. The size
    6. Software in general and reasonable interface

    If I read exclusively fiction on this book, I would undoubtedly leave it to myself.

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