Advantages / disadvantages not / Acer Aspire 1410 laptop (underline as necessary). How I refused Vayo

    Epigraph: “Why is he so healthy?”
    Everyone who saw this acer in my hands

    Background number times

    I once drowned Asus EEE 900, bought back in the time when they were just starting to be released. Frankly, I did not feel any pity after that. Moreover, the maladvisor deliberately drowned, so hate was my hatred =). And all because of the keyboard. On the laptop you have to type a lot of text, whether it be term papers, lectures, instant messengers or something else. But with the keyboard of the Ninth Century, an obsessive desire came to throw him at the wall. Yes, the buttons are small, but my fingers are not sausages. Just in order to fill in the text, I had to knock on the laptop like a typewriter, otherwise half the words were missing half the letters Well and plus all sorts of little things, such as a cooler buzzing like a steam locomotive, a good heat and so on.
    In general, in the end I opted for this machine, and looking ahead, I will say that I am very pleased with it, although there are nuances.

    So, a small review of the rather large netbook Acer Aspire 1410 Black


    Under the cut some photos, screenshots, background number two, and more.

    I apologize in advance for the wretched quality of the photographs: the lines are everywhere straight, they were bent by a woof lens.

    Background number two

    When choosing a new typewriter, I proceeded primarily from the fact that the keyboard on the new net should be comfortable. Having been to the Sony brand store in Thailand and admired the W1 W1, I thought that was the thing for me.
    Plus the screen is not 1024x600, but 1366x768 with a diagonal of 10 inches, plus a mouse and a cover in the kit. Well and show off, of course. . There it cost 20k, which is not very clear, because Japan is much closer to Thailand than to Peter. Well, not the point. I climbed onto Kay’s website, where it cost 19990. On RiK’s website, he showed up, but for 15500. It turned out that the difference between them was the lack of a mouse and a cover (!). Not critical. After 2 days, having arrived in Rick, it turned out that only poisonous pink remained. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one so smart, and the whites quickly became grind.
    But Vaillot did leave a mark on the criteria of my choice (later I will compare these two units, and understand that I didn’t have to buy Vaillot ). Now I wanted a netbook with a resolution of 1366x768.
    The fact is that I draw in Anime Studio Pro, and even the whole screen does not fit 1024x768 on it. What can we say about 1024x600. By the way. I almost forgot. That day, when I went for Vaillot, I got the impression that a herd of locusts had flown up on RiK (the one on Liteiny), or rather on the netbook department: almost all the cars were sold out.
    Oh, forgive me for my lyrical digression, back to the hero of the post.

    Unit purchase

    This miracle was worth the same as the Vayo 15.5 kilo rubles, and the same as the Vayo was supplied complete without a case and mouse. Again, not critical. Another thing is that the diagonal of the screen is 11.6 (which is larger than the standard netbook, but we will return to this), because I had to look for a bag in the department for large laptops. In general, a discount came out like 15178rub 23kop.

    Actually review

    Since I am poorly versed in glands, the review will be purely external and will be based only on my feelings.
    So, the box:

    On the front side there is a blue version of the case, but I did not like it, although this is a matter of taste. I did not see red and white at all, but if I were, I would probably have taken white.

    We unfold the box:
    The delivery set, as you can see, is very modest: a netbook, a battery, a power cord. And of course, all kinds of tinsel such as a guarantee, a guide and other delights. No bootable disks or driver disks were found (in EEE900 there was a disk with Xandros and firewood for Vindovoz).

    Now the unit itself.
    The first thing that catches your eye is the gloss.


    FUUU.Even taking pictures is not very successful, then the walls are shining, then a flash. Well, in general, you understand. Top left Acer logo.
    Further, in size, it is really noticeably larger than its competitors in the netbook niche. (they write that sizes: 28.5 * 20.4 * 3cm. I didn’t
    measure it myself - lazily) Weight - 1.35kg. Easy, yes. Although large.
    There is no latch for the lid, however, it will not open in the bag.
    Okay, open the lid: Ta-daaammmmm.


    Gloss again. Screen edging, and the screen itself is glossy. It looks beautiful, but impractical, damn it! In the middle is quite a standard webcam, and around the perimeter are rubber blotches.

    A little admiration

    Well, at least the lower part is matte. And completely.
    The keyboard made me wilder.


    The buttons are large, they are pressed moderately elastic, do not sink, the socket does not bend.
    The navigation keys are not very well made: they are too small and you often miss blindly when working. But also uncritical: after all, not the most used buttons.


    We were pleased with the Large Shifts, the Fn button to the right of the control.


    Sorry, perhaps only poor E, arrows, Enter shares (although he did not miss him). Actually the post itself on this netbook is typed.
    Keyboard trim is made of gray plastic, with imitation of longitudinal scratches. Against their background, the touchpad looks very cool.


    Liked. The touchpad itself is not recessed into the hull, so dust will not accumulate on the sides (sleep sweet sleep, EEE900). There is a multi-touch, scrollbar too, but it is not indicated. Although it’s easier for me to scroll with two fingers. The buttons under the touchpad are simply divine. They are pressed very quietly, gently.
    On the top left are the indicators of the processor, as well as the indicators of KapsLok and NamLok, which I lacked in EEE900.


    To the left of the touchpad are indicators on-off, charging, blue-tooth and wi-fi.


    With the lid closed, all indicators are visible.
    In general, except for the keyboard and touchpad on the bottom of the extra buttons there. Only on / off button.


    Everything is fitted very soundly, no cracks, backlashes, bends, creaks are not nyalyutaetsya.
    Another admiration for the battery: six-cell, holds 6.5 hours in typing mode, a bit of sitting in wi-fi.

    A bit standard

    Connectors like everywhere

    USBx2, card reader for SD, audio in / out, Ethernet and Kensington. I note that the upper corners of the lower part are slightly beveled, because the lan cord sticks out a little at an angle.

    connector for the power cord, HDMI, USBx1, connector for connecting the projector and grille. The radiator is quiet, but the airflow is quite noticeable.
    During operation, the unit never heated up, and almost did not make noise. In my opinion, the hard drive creaks louder than the cooler.
    Bottom a lot of grilles and two removable covers.


    The speakers are pretty standard, so use headphones

    Now the insides

    Here, in general, everything is written:


    how much I do not understand much in hardware, then from other people's words: the processor is slightly better than 270-280 Atoms, the video is slightly faster. If there are knowledgeable, you can unsubscribe to comments.
    250 GB HDD, which is gut, since most non-SSD-containing netbooks have 160 GB of memory.
    2GB RAM is also more than usual.
    Screen 11.6, which again is more than in netbooks
    But all this is less than in laptops.
    In general, Acer is slightly better than netes and slightly simpler than laptops.

    Wifi is powerful, in the apartment I used to see only 2 networks, but he immediately found 8 for me.
    Sinezub did not use
    Further, Windows7 Starter comes with the package. As an ordinary user, I have enough. Fortunately, the restriction on 3 simultaneously running programs was removed. The only thing that has been reduced is the ability to change the wallpaper , but who cares? =) .



    The system flies without brakes.
    True, the performance index even when working from the network refused to calculate.

    Conclusions and afterword

    In general, it’s good that Vaillot B1 was sold out before my arrival in RiK. As I can see now, 1366x768 is too much for 10 '. Plus 2GB, instead of Wii 1GB. Plus (seemingly) more powerful percent and video.

    In short, in terms of parameters, I am not overjoyed by this aggregate. Especially the screen, the dimensions of which are well correlated with the resolution.


    Only the FULLY annoying GLOSS, and rather bright diodes. Plus, the design of the keyboard suggests that you will have to clean it quite often: the gaps between the buttons are too large.
    Thanks for attention!

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