Team flash game

    I want to introduce you to The team test from Swedish Armed Forces, a team flash game. The essence of the game, it would seem, is simple, you need to perform various tasks for memory and concentration.

    For a correctly completed task, time is added, for a wrongly executed task it is taken away. There are many such games on the Internet, what is the highlight of this, you ask, but here is: for the successful completion of the task, time is given not to you, but to your teammate. Also, your time entirely depends on your partners. These are such simple rules, but the game is very exciting and unusual, it makes you feel the beauty of teamwork.

    You can also create a private link and give it to friends to play together, and not with random partners. It looks like this:
    The game is played by a team of exactly four people, so the whole hub will not fit in this link, excuse me :)

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