The web has a voice search engine

    Midomi's online music catalog offers an original way to search for songs. In order to find a song, you need to connect a microphone to the computer and sing it. Moreover, it is not necessary to know the words - the main thing is to reproduce the melody as accurately as possible with your voice or whistle. Songs on the site can also be searched by their name or artist name.

    A list of results appears after about ten seconds. In addition to songs found that look like a sung passage, other users are shown who searched for the same song. By registering on the site and creating your own profile, you can listen to the singing of other visitors and assign ratings to those who sing closest to the original. Midomi creator, Melodis, licensed the service for about two million tracks,reports ZD Net. There are already about twelve thousand custom karaoke versions in the catalog. The service is based on speech and sound recognition technology called MARS (Multimodal Adaptive Recognition System). When comparing extracts of songs, MARS takes into account a complex of various parameters - pitch, tempo, set of words and pause.

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