Idealists note - US analysts for the complete transparency of information

    As you know, in America, people pay a lot of attention to all kinds of terrorist attacks. On the one hand, they can be understood, twin towers - it's not for you to break glass on balconies. On the other hand, England, for example, was also much harmed by the explosions in the subway and on the buses, but there was no such excitement there.

    On top of that, America was not lucky in terms of natural disasters - the south there still can not really recover from the invasion of Katrina. And by the way, we still buy cars that they dig out from under the silt. But this is so, by the way.
    In general, in this long-suffering country, fundamental research has long been undertaken seriously to help prevent terrorist attacks and respond as quickly as possible to natural disasters and all kinds of technological disasters.

    And this is what senior companions from RAND Corporation write to us in the Byting Back study .

    Total control over the population is necessary .

    And here are some theses from the 195-page report: You

    need to know not only the number of people in each specific area, but also the location of specific people, as well as their psychological characteristics. This is necessary in order to control the illegal entry of migrants, to prevent the creation of terrorist and partisan groups, to control anti-state sentiments, and also to be able to work quickly in areas of natural disasters or technological disasters.

    Is it logical? Is logical. If I were some Minister of Emergencies, I would do the same.
    It is also necessary to have information about the location and nature of buildings - number of storeys, purpose, location of communications, etc., in case of targeted anti-terrorist actions. Naturally, we need data on the topography of the area and the location of strategically important objects.

    This, as it seems, is also a completely understandable step. Who knows, if our special services had thoroughly studied at one time the approaches to the Nord-Ost and the layout of the sewer manholes there, it might have gone much better.
    The collection of data on the local and population entering the area is necessary, respectively, to minimize harm to local residents and maintain in-depth monitoring of recently living migrants from other areas or from abroad.

    That's about what, and about illegal migrants, the inhabitants of this country do not need to give any explanations.
    The importance of information about the specific whereabouts of each person in a specific period of time is due to the need for timely evacuation of civilians from places of action against insurgents or natural disasters and the provision of medical and other assistance to victims of these actions. Accordingly, there is a need to monitor the health status of children, the elderly and the disabled, for the timely response of the rescue services.

    And it’s also true, you won’t find fault. The most reasonable thing is to know who to save first.
    But then the fun begins.
    In order to prevent the planning of malicious actions by hostile groups and in time to identify supporters from the local population, control of telephone and Internet conversations is necessary . In addition to this, we need a systematic drawing up of psychological maps for each person - in order to search for unreliable people in terms of state support.

    This is, if you look at the state’s step, it’s very clear and follows from all the previous ones. But if you look from the side of the observed subject, it is somehow not already done on its own. Although, it seems, I am not writing anything reprehensible and I am not helping insurgents. Nevertheless, suddenly I am psychologically unstable (let’s say, howling monthly on the moon), and they will write me down as a probable informer? Pleasant not enough.

    But, the strange thing is that the opinion of the population is of little interest in that deeply democratic country.

    All of these actions must be carried out (and carried out in the United States) through three main methods:
    1. Analytical sources - studies of information from open (for the state) sources, such as databases of passport and visa services, tax services, utilities, insurance and medical institutions, etc.
    2. Obtaining information directly from the population through censuses, opinion polls and other similar methods.
    3. Listening to telephone (including cellular) conversations, maintaining logs with Internet providers, taking data from outdoor video surveillance cameras.

    I note that the RAND report directly states that it is only necessary to enter into contracts for the construction of cellular communications in the area with those operators who can provide telephone recordings and SMS correspondence, the location of the subscriber, the ability to associate specific records with a specific subscriber. OPSOS also needs to provide unhindered access to records to all pro-government services.
    When receiving alarming data from automated systems, such as controlling telephone conversations or logs of an
    Internet provider, that is, when the automation triggers keywords, a specific person is transferred to in-depth control by special services.

    In total, we get just such a parsley. To prevent terrorist attacks and partisan actions on the territory of the state, it is necessary to control (and is controlled, at least in the United States) according to this, by far not complete list:
    1. Topography of the area.
    2. Location of strategic facilities.
    3. Location and communications of buildings.
    4. Entry / exit of people.
    5. The geographical position of each person.
    6. Control over newly living people.
    7. The health status of high-risk social groups.
    8. Telephone conversations.
    9. Internet conversations.
    10. The psychological characteristics of each person.

    These are the tedious things that the local Ministry of Emergencies, FBI and CIA have to do in order to maintain order in the country, and, if possible, outside it.

    To people who do not understand or do not want to understand the reasons for the need to control the population, I’ll explain that no one wants to use your bank card, threaten classmates by extorting money from you, take a loan according to your passport data, remove commercial information from your email to transmit to competitors . This is not necessary for the state. The state needs order and stability, and they can be achieved only by knowing exactly among whom you are planting good and to whom specifically you are making love.

    To be continued ...

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