Wikipedia Citation Two

    The founder of Wikipedia asked students not to use the free encyclopedia in term papers and dissertations, as well as for other serious scientific studies as a source of academic knowledge.

    Wikipedia is an inexhaustible source of information on almost any topic. Written in an understandable language, it is deservedly popular as one of the most convenient universal sources of information. Therefore, it is not surprising that many students borrow entire Wikipedia articles, verbatim quoting them as an absolutely reliable source of information on a given topic. The problem is that it is not.

    Wikipedia founder Jimia Wales once again recalled that this network project cannot be considered a universal and absolutely reliable source of knowledge. Due to the fact that students literally quote this source, the reputation of Wikipedia itself suffers seriously, because teachers who check students' work often find this information incomplete and biased. This is quite natural for a project that is in development. Each article is constantly edited by many people. However, teachers do not understand this. They begin to discriminate against Wikipedia, considering it an amateur project, obviously “wrong” and even harmful.

    Teachers 'dislike of Wikipedia has grown to the point that some of them are now automatically lowering students' grades as soon as they see the hated word "Wikipedia" in the list of references.

    Jimmy Wales spoke about this situation during his speech at the conference "Hyperlink Society" at the Annenburg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania. He admitted that every week he receives a dozen letters with complaints from students who suffer from factual errors on Wikipedia: “Please help. I got a deuce because I quoted Wikipedia. ”

    Jimmy Wales has no sympathy for such negligent students. He reiterated that he did not recommend using a joint network project as a source of academic knowledge for serious scientific research. Therefore, students themselves are to blame. “For God's sake, you're in college, don't quote Wikipedia!” Jimmy Wales addressed them.

    Not all people understand the nature of Wikipedia. Especially for them, a disclaimer is posted on the site , which clearly says: “Wikipedia cannot guarantee in any way the correctness of the data contained in it. During the reading, they could have just been changed, damaged, or written by someone whose opinion differs from the generally accepted knowledge that interests you ... You use Wikipedia at your own risk! ”

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