Remote torrent downloads


    Here sometimes you are standing in a bookstore, I saw an interesting book - but there is no money in your pocket, or your friends talked about the film, and you are not at the computer (for example, you are going home in pairs). Usually in this case, you can’t do anything except forget or write down the name and then download it.
    But one day I had the idea that it would be nice to put something to download from the phone, come home and sit down to watch without expectations (let it wait a bit, the speed is high, but still)

    As the user sees it

    1. We go to the search page, select the tracker.
    2. Enter the search word and search category
    3. From the search results, select the desired torrent
    4. Download.

    As the developer sees it

    1. The user goes to the search page and enters data (name, category, tracker).
    2. The server makes a request to the tracker.
    3. Gets it, parsing.
    4. Gives the user results.
    5. The user selects the desired torrent.
    6. Server downloads

    Are you interested in such a product? Comments in the studio. Thanks
    UPD. Added a look through the eyes of the developer and hid everything under the habrakat

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