Wasserman's Secret Experiments

    Today my Twitter has followed anatoly wasserman . And both at once - both personal and work. It even became interesting - what is Onotole so stubbornly promoting?

    It turned out - a certain site called " Anatoly Wasserman 's Diary ", in appearance - the simplest blosik. At first I didn’t even believe that it belonged to Wasserman and went to his LJ and its website for verification - but I didn’t find any mention of this project.

    However, on the site itself there were two rather banter videos, in the main role in which Onotole himself was without a doubt. Actually, for the sake of them I’m writing this post, and it is because of them - in “Humor”:

    Continuation of the first video:

    I don’t know what’s happening with the British scientist, but Wassermann definitely has a sense of humor, you can see right away - a physicist (by education).

    Taking the opportunity, at the same time the propiar and my Twitter: twitter.com/Andorro

    PS By the way, in his LJ Wasserman writes that he is not registered on any other social networks and is not going to - by virtue of which I can assume that the site and Twitter are still not him, and part of some sort of regular viral campaign. True, who and what PR is not yet clear.

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