How faster to run applications for Android

    Launcher Widget

    Hello! I want to offer you a widget ( today completely free - read the article ), which saves our time with you.

    The problem is simple - in order to run the application you first need to find it! There are different solutions - frequently used applications in the form of icons, folders for sorting applications into categories and something more exotic, such as searching for applications by name.

    Launcher Widget - offers a different approach - it displays all installed applications in the form of small icons and, when touched, increases the area of ​​touch (to launch a specific application).

    The widget saves the position of the icons.

    The first time you have to look for the application, but from the second time it will be much easier and faster to launch.

    Widget updates icons for installing, uninstalling and updating applications.

    You do not need to decide in which folder to put this or that application, do not need to constantly maintain order or think where to put an application that does not fall into any folder. In this regard, the widget for the lazy - set and forget.

    And we also have:

    • Editor - you can move the icons, if you really want.
    • Sort - can be sorted by installation time.
    • Setting the number of columns - so that the icons are larger or smaller.
    • Arbitrary widget size - position the widget as you like and where you want it.
    • Scroll in the widget - if there are already a lot of icons.
    • And vice versa, you can disable Zoom and launch applications with one touch - if there are few applications.

    Free, that is for nothing.

    At the very beginning, I promised that the application is only today, only now, only for you - completely free. To make the fairy tale come true - in the widget settings (in the screenshot below), click on the words “Redeem promo code ...” / “Enter promo code ...” and enter the promo code habrahabr in the window that appears . Promotional code is valid for 24 hours from the date of publication of the article.


    The purpose of the article is not only to show oneself, but also to get valuable feedback . Therefore, we distribute the widget for free: in the hope of your ideas and comments (welcome to the comments and lichku!). A year ago, when the very first version of the widget was released, it was the feedback from that helped decide on where to go next.

    Dirty details.

    Although the hub "I am promoting" allows you to advertise yourself without any reservations, I think that many of you are interested in the details. Let me start, and you continue to ask me questions in the comments.

    Motivation. A very difficult thing, since not so little time is spent on the project - the question is where do you get it from and how to make yourself do it? Initially, one weekend was spent a week, it is hard, it is difficult, especially if the weather is beautiful - but after a while you get used to it. Making a habit is the goal! When there is a feeling that you can do it, regardless of the circumstances: either Saturday or Sunday is completely devoted to the development - it's in the bag. As I wrote in my other article — one day a week — it's almost 2.5 working months a year!

    Accelerate. I am not one of those who can write a prototype on my knees in a couple of evenings. I need more time. Therefore, we have to figure out how to speed up the process by other means.

    Plan. We need a plan! It helps to see an approach to some finale. The plan is certainly alive. Be sure to beat the job into smaller ones - in order to make trifles at home in the evenings, and large tasks - when there is a whole day.

    Workplace - I have two of them. My main job is remote, so I can use my workplace in coworking to write a widget on weekends. Cool! But in order to be even faster, I equipped a separate workplace at home for small tasks in the evenings. On the old laptop was put ssd, configured Android Studio and Git.

    Select a project. The project for two working months - turns into a calendar year. Therefore, the main question is not to burn out. How long can you write something of your own without feedback? I think it's almost impossible to do for more than a year. Therefore, if you do something in the evenings, choose the very minimum! The easiest prototype! A minimum of functionality. Here is my advice.

    And may the force be with you!

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