A special three-dimensional printer has been created that prints living human body tissue (for example, blood capillaries) with the necessary (micron) accuracy

    As LiveJournal has blogger bablaw , which on Habrahabr mostly mentioned in connection with the intellectual property and copyright.

    Now there is a reason to break this tradition, as this blogger’s recent blog entry tells about the appearance of a new three-dimensional printer capable of imperfectly printing living human tissue (for example, blood vessels - even as small as capillaries) with the necessary micron accuracy.

    Here is a photograph to attract attention:

    [a printer]

    Shakespeare's Polonium says: "Be faithful to yourself above all else." ( «This above all: to thine own self be true». « Hamlet", Act 1, Scene 3) That bablaw remained completely true to himself: he considers primarily the copyright consequences of such an invention. It is clear that if there is a printer and it prints, then there will be a fight against unlicensed printing, patenting human beings, the destruction of unlicensed people (or individual limbs), and so on.

    The news about the organ press itself was considered on Habrahabr as early as September , however, the anti-utopian turn of it that the appetites of the copyright-based traders should certainly give it remains completely new and unknown.

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