Start up: The limit of automation: robots make robots.

    Dear Habr-people, I want to bring to your attention a narrowly thematic project dedicated to automation . Those who are in no way interested in robots, controllers , CNCs and electric drives, please do not open what follows the habracat.
    The site is really devoted to the ideas of reaching the automation limit, when the person’s participation in the production processes (various branches) is already below the critical point of return.
    In our organization and the desire to control processes, we often simply don’t notice in which cell we are driving ourselves. Trying to systematize, subordinate everything, and, at the same time, force us to work without our participation, but at our discretion, we lose the uncertainty and chance that were in our world. We straighten the paths, speeding up the journey time, but take away what the winding path could give ...
    We make ourselves and everything around with robots ...
    I'm glad that you became interested, and decided to read this free story about my startup, although it’s not about UFOs) .
    What led me to this topic can be found by finding my first post on Habrahabr, which drowned like the Titanic, and I miraculously survived. Therefore, we will not deviate anymore, but discuss the essence of the idea.
    The idea came about as the need to fill in the void, without finding interesting sites of a near-specialized subject, I thought: why not make your own? And started to implement. Now the project is one year old. The first six months were dark and can only be marked by stepping on a rake. Then came some understanding of what I would like to see, and what you see now is the work of 2008.
    The main conceptual idea: content about controllers, drive control and CNC systems has been preserved in publications.
    A new vision of the project: a reflection of the upcoming automation of our planet as part of globalization is noticeable in the dynamic news section.
    I will be glad if the project interests someone from this community, but the main goal of this post is to get constructive development proposals, I don’t want to make the project popper, but it already leaves the highly specialized one ...
    Actually, here is the patient:
    I did not begin to describe and develop the idea itself in the post, as I prefer to do this in the comments, in discussions with interested Habrahabrites.

    PS I ask you to take into account all those who like to quickly hand out cons that you were warned at first about the consequences of reading the material, and it was published in the Personal Blog section, where it is my Persian who determines the style and decides how many mistakes to make the post informal.

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