HRP-2: anime robot

    HRP-2This spectacular multi-colored robot in the style of Japanese anime is called HRP-2 “Promet” (HRP is the Humanoid Robotics Project, "a project on humanoid robots") and is a product of Kawada Industries, Japan, in conjunction with the research team of AIST National Institute. It was developed as a result of a five-year project commissioned by the Ministry of Economy and Trade of Japan, work began in 1998 under the supervision of Professor Hirochika Inoue from Tokyo University. The aim of the project was to create a robot that can work in a human environment, using the same objects and tools as people. Now HRP-2 is involved in another research project of Kawada Industries to develop humanoid robot technology towards interactivity and other interesting things.

    For the first time, HRP-2 debuted in public at Robodex in 2002. The main work was completed in 2003, but General Robotix was engaged in the commercialization of the project, and now HRP software for humanoid robots is available under the auspices of the Open HRP Project . The kit includes a dynamics simulator, a video camera simulator, a motion controller and a motion program. Users can improve the resulting Open HRP software or replace some of its components with their own.

    HRP-2 is 154 cm tall and weighs 58 kg, including batteries. The robot has 30 degrees of mobility, with two degrees of mobility at each thigh. The extremely compact placement of the electrical system allows HRP-2 to do without the “backpack” that is often used with humanoid robots behind its back (in particular, like the Asimo robot from Honda). HRP-2 is one of the few robots that can jump - in this case, as much as 4 mm from the surface (just a grasshopper!), Step over an obstacle (up to 15 cm high). And at the exhibition in 2005, he danced the national Japanese dance (all movements were programmed) - you can see it here .

    Later, the possession of HRP-2 martial arts was demonstrated, and after that - the ability to recognize a request to bring a drink from the refrigerator and, in fact, bring it from there (many regarded it as the most important skill =)).

    The whole appearance of HRP-2 was designed by a designer who draws equipment in the animation of Yutaka Izubuchi (I knew that it wasn’t without an anime! =)), Known in Japan for his robots appearing in an anime, for example, as famous as Patlabor. Izubuchi also called HRP-2 "Promet" ("Promet").

    Compared to the already mentioned Asimo robot, HRP-2 does unique things. Firstly, he can lie down and get up from a prone position, which at the moment can only be done by small humanoid robots, but not robots of such sizes as HRP. Also, the movable connection of the parts of the torso allows it to bend to a greater extent, rather than rotate. And the design and the arrangement of the legs make the HRP-2 walk in a narrow space. Later, the HRP-2w model appeared, using wheels instead of legs. And in 2005 they announced the HRP-3P model for use in hazardous jobs. She is able to move on ice and under heavy rain or snow.

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