RuPyRu 2008 - conference on Ruby and Python languages ​​in Omsk.

    RuPyRu 2008 Conference will be held on June 21, 2008 in Omsk with the support of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of Omsk State University.

    Objectives The

    global goal of all RuPyRu conferences is to draw attention to Ruby and Python, expand their scope, show the readiness of dynamic languages ​​for use in business and science , medicine and other high-tech fields. Everyone is participating in the work of the conferences, admission is free.

    The topics of the reports are not yet known, but I can, for example, cite the topics that were last year.
    10 reports:

    * Igor Artamonov “Python and Ruby in Java projects”
    * Yuri Baburov “Python in C / C ++ and C / C ++ in Python”
    * Mikhail Gusarov “Principles of OO design in Python”
    * Dmitry Lyfar “Boost.Python, Python in GameDev”
    * Ivan Nemytchenko “Introduction to Ruby-on-Rails”
    * Andrey Okoneshnikov “Python in business applications“
    * Vadim Rastyagaev “Introduction to Ruby”
    * Andrey Tarantsov “Dynamic Languages ​​Toolkit”
    * Yuri Yurevich
    o “Python for Web”
    o “Using Unicode in Python”

    In general, we invite everyone to attend the conference.

    UPDATE: Thank you j2a for the announcement of the reports. The list will be updated.

    * Mikhail Gusarov - Interfaces and plugins (Python) / Novosibirsk
    * Oleg Dashevsky - StrokeDB (Ruby) / Novosibirsk
    * Grigory Petukhov - Django (Python) / Omsk
    * Gennady Bubbles - Cheetah Templates. Report Development (Python) / Kazakhstan, Pavlodar
    * Orlov Andrey - Zope Component Architecture (Python) / Moscow

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