Following the release of a new application for the iPhone, Skype has prepared video calls on the Nokia N900

Original author: Om Malik
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If you are one of several thousand owners of Nokia N900, then this week Skype is going to offer you the opportunity to make video calls from your phone. You will be able to call any Skype user using your computer and talk to him in video mode, according to GigaOM Russ Shaw, head of Skype’s mobile business. Over time, it will be possible to call also users of other mobile versions of Skype and Skype for TVs.
The show said that this is the result of constant work in close collaboration with Nokia. Nokia N900 is equipped with two cameras - on the front and back panels of the device. Calls will work both over 3G and over Wi-Fi, although I’m sure that Wi-Fi will provide much higher quality. Some of the smaller VoIP players like FringAlready presented their applications with the ability to make video calls.
“We want to implement video calls on all of our platforms, regardless of operating systems and operators,” Shaw said. In other words, if the new iPhone (version 4) is equipped with two cameras, then Skype will make its application work on the iPhone. According to a recent survey conducted by the company, 43% of Skype users want to have video in the mobile version of the program.

Ironically, on Friday when I was talking with Shaw, he was unable to clarify when the company will release an iPhone app that can call on 3G, citing the fact that they would not want to release a product that could not live up to user expectations. And just 24 hours later this appappeared in the iTunes App Store. (So ​​far, these calls are free, but Skype is about to start charging for 3G calls, which makes me think that they use an agreement similar to that of Skype with Verizon . Another explanation can be found in Andy Abramson , who believes that secret of magic in the Skype SILK codec and subtle work with the iPhone hardware).
The show said the company was focused on ensuring a smooth transition between 3G and Wi-Fi. Be that as it may, the application seems to have achieved its goals, and even harsh critics of the company have expressed their approval . Skype data says it has been downloaded 12 million times by iPhone and iPod touch users.
The show also confirmed that the official Skype app for Android will be released later this year. According to him, Skype is focusing on the iPhone and phones on Symbian and Android. This in particular means that Windows Phone and webOS do not yet appear in the company's plans. “We are not doing anything directly for Palm devices, but if there was an operator who was interested, we could work with him,” he said. This is part of the company's strategy - to build on operators when it comes to operating systems with a fraction of less than this troika.
How about RIM (BlackBerry)? The show said that many people want a powerful multifunctional application [for this platform]. Verizon subscribers can install Skype on their BlackBerrythanks to the special relationship between the companies. In other words, all the other owners of BlackBerry who want to install Skype on their own are not lucky.

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