Drupal Book (For Beginners)

    The photo personally illustrates my transition from Bitrix to Drupal, due primarily to a change in the profile of developed sites.

    Bitrix does a great job of streaming website development in small and medium-sized studios (in large companies, someone uses it for small projects). Since I am moving from streaming development to content-oriented portals, after a long search I settled on Drupal.

    At some point, I thought that Bitrix is ​​the platform on which I will build my custom-made website development studio. At the same time, he led his (very modest) projects and time has shown that his projects are much more profitable.

    The book is good. Of course for beginners.

    Book description

    In order to better understand my qualifications, I will give experience working with different CMS and frameworks in chronological order from 2007 to the present:

    • Wordpress - 2 sites (one with unique functionality)
    • Work in the admin area of Web Instruments
    • Joomla - 3 sites (unique layout and self-written modules)
    • Drupal (2008) - a simple blog on the template (no longer mastered then)
    • CodeIgniter - A Simple Blog
    • Symfony - A Simple Blog
    • Samopisny sites - 3 pieces, (one with admin panel)
    • Work in the admin panel of Webmaster.SPb
    • Bitrix - 1 site (product catalog with a unique design)
    • Work in the admin area of Kelnik Studios
    • Drupal again

    Good luck to everyone, I hope the information about the book (or about Drupal and my conclusions) is useful to someone.

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