Learn to think-2 (my observations)

    Are we able to think correctly? Maybe it’s worth learning to use the resources of our brain not by 3-5%, but by at least 30-50%? Yesterday, I posted a translation of effective thinking tips from lifehack.org. And in this article I want to share my own beliefs.
    I won’t play a long tedious article, I’ll just describe some principles that helped me achieve growth over myself. They alone are not the key to effective thinking, but indirectly contribute to a more productive brain function.
    1. Develop observation. Try to notice, ponder, analyze as much as possible - when walking around the city, reading a book, even watching TV. You can remember so much more. After all, the brain lays in memory primarily impressions, not dry facts.
    2. Be curious. Do not be ashamed to devote time to self-education, hobbies, reading books or web resources. The wider the person’s interests, the easier it is to learn something new, the more likely it is that he will be able to synthesize knowledge from different fields and offer a fundamentally new idea.
    3. Think positively. By this I do not mean always thinking only about the good. Problems cannot be avoided: you just don’t need to get hung up on them, you need to solve them! Having got rid of troubles, it is not necessary to mentally return to them. This affects not only our mood, but I directly affect physical health (if interested, you can read materials on sanogenic thinking). Try to think about others as best as possible, and gradually they will become so in your eyes! Do not wish anyone harm, even mentally. It seems to me that if people could read each other's thoughts, they would be much happier and friendlier.
    4. Expand your vocabulary. Sometimes knowledge of one single necessary word can replace a number of descriptions and conclusions.
    5. Try to communicate as much as possible with people who are smarter than you in something. It spurs self-development like nothing else.

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