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    img_01283I had DR yesterday - I am now 22 and old as a mammoth shit.
    Gave a lot of goodies and beer) to sit on the ass smoothly and not be distracted by trips to the store!
    And now about the usefulness of gifts.

    A useful gift is a thing that you can immediately use in business. It is convenient to use and often you can’t afford to buy it, because the toad is strangling or thinking “I can do without it.” It is very nice to get such a gift from your wishlist. This encourages you internally to further work, gives you an additional incentive to get yourself some other useful or just nice thing that you will use with pleasure.
    And if such useful things accumulate a great many? The question is posed incorrectly - there really aren’t many usable things, and it all depends on your ambitions and the size of your place of residence.
    In this regard, it is very useful to read Paul Graham's article “Stuff” and discussions in the Lifehack section on the Habr.
    Cluttering up your life and carrying a couple of suitcases packed with a bunch of clothes, napkins, electric razors, and electronic lotions on every trip is a great evil. From the 2nd year of university I never take with me what does not fit in my backpack - and that's enough for me. I feel dry and comfortable, because at least I took a toothbrush and a phone with me, with which I can stay in touch with almost all protocols, read, listen to music, take fun moments.
    Unnecessary gifts clutter up the space around us, it is a pity to throw them out, they sometimes cost a lot of money, but in fact they were intended only for sale as a gift. I call it the "hump." The hump is not normal, it is superfluous, it does not paint a person. But in the case of things, this pile of clothes can be scooped up.
    I'll tell you how I do it.
    1. Get rid of excess food, leftovers in the refrigerator, which many people like to sort out on small bowls and small bowls and put in the refrigerator. All the same, it is unlikely that this will be eaten up and thrown out only at the moment when the refrigerator starts to smell fragrant).
    2. Clothing - if it looks unfashionable, worn, sits already not so good ... in general - you can’t go outside in it - it rushes at home. I don’t buy clothes specifically for the house - then it will be thrown out at the first moment. Of course, I don’t go around the house in an old suit (I don’t have it stupidly). I'm just a black hole for t-shirts and jeans. How many do not buy - all is not enough) This problem is simply solved by ruthlessly throwing it out or using it as rags. And I do not buy cheap clothes - its quality annoys me. Appearance - before the first wash. From the side of my parents, it looks like I'm a dude - no, I invest in my own comfort and time. The time of many hours of trips to the bazaar is over. Save time on shopping.
    3. I do NOT store information I do not need on the screw. My drives simply do not allow me such luxury (look at the glands that I use ). I don’t need to rummage on the screw in search of the necessary document - I just know where it lies and I never use the search type Spotlight. I am economical about information and resources. At the moment, all I need to work is a browser and any text editor. Organize the receipt, filtering and assimilation of the desired material using Google Reader. Tag, tag interesting, break into topics, regularly clean out subscriptions - not all of them in fact turn out to be useful and regularly updated. And do not keep a handful of widgets, checkers, plug-ins and the like husk that eats resources (and, accordingly, reduces the speed of your work).

    The things that you own end up owning you.
    We work jobs we hate to buy shit we don't need.
    - Fight Club It is
    often so difficult to give up what seems useful - and you seem to even love and use it ... But deigned to throw it out - and it will make you feel better))
    I am waiting for comments about your ways of “cleaning” your life.
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