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Original author: Pieter De Decker
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We all know very well that passwords such as 123456 are very insecure. And if we come up with a strong password like “jUk29Nn] Z”, we can easily forget it. You can, of course, write it down on paper, only the strength of such a password will already be in question.
So that? A tit in the hands or a crane in the sky?
Neither one nor the other. There is a third option - we will show you how to use strong passwords and not write them down anywhere. In the style of agent 007;)

Method number 1. Translate your words into Garabar

All you need to remember is the address of your favorite site.
  1. We take the address of your favorite site. Attention! Take only the domain name of the site to avoid annoying misunderstandings in the future. You will tell me more thanks! Good addresses: "" and "". Bad addresses:,,
  2. We open MD5 calculations online and enter the address of your favorite site in the “Input” field. Now we will convert the name of our site to an MD5 hash. You may not have heard anything about the MD5 function, but now it doesn’t matter. Just know that it is used in data encryption algorithms.
  3. Click on the button “Calculate MD5”.
  4. Take the first eight characters from the "MD5 Hash" field. These eight characters are our new strong password.

Method number 2. Your key is your favorite mp3 file

All you need is an mp3 file.
  1. Download and install the HashTab program.
  2. Find your favorite mp3 file.
  3. Right-click on it and select “Properties”.
  4. Select the File Hashes Tab
  5. Right-click on the line “MD5 ...” and select “Copy”. The MD5 hash is now on the clipboard.
  6. The first eight characters of the hash is our new strong password.

Attention. Do not edit or in any way modify your favorite mp3 file. Otherwise, its contents will change, the MD5 hash will become different and our tricky move will stop working.

It will take several weeks before you memorize your new strong password. Only now you do not have to record it. If forgotten - it is easy to recover!

PS. The method presented in the article is not a substitute for strong passwords like “jUk29Nn] Z”.
This is a relatively simple way for those who currently use passwords of the type “123456”.
Of course, I understand that all the specialists here are safe and encrypted, but if you didn’t like the article, why should you minus karma?

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