edX this fall: MITx / HarvardX / BerkeleyX

    On Habré many times wrote about edX - a wonderful educational project, the initiator of which at the time was MIT. This is an opportunity to test yourself, gain new knowledge and all this in the circle of qualified teachers and students from around the world.

    In the spring, some habrozhiteli even passed the final exam and were extremely pleased .

    This fall, Berkeley joined MIT and Harvard with, it seems to me, the extremely positive course CS169.1x: Software as a Service - with the main character in the person of Ruby on Rails.

    The course begins on September 24, 2012 , training will last until October 26, 2012. The approximate load will be 12 hours per week.

    CS169.1x teaches the basics of software engineering using highly productive Agile techniques to create Roa SaaS solutions. It is assumed that students will be imbued with SaaS solutions, will understand the basic techniques of architecture, development, testing and deployment. Consider BDD / TDD, pair programming. Students will learn how to use metaprogramming and reflection, which will improve the productivity and support of the code as a whole.

    Individual work on weekly projects. Those who successfully pass all the tests of the final exam will receive a certificate from BerkeleyX .

    Seats are still available. and the rest of the courses are good too.

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