Apple Acquires AuthenTec

    On Habré a couple of times surfaced news about a company developing security applications for mobile devices. The company name is AuthenTec, and the other day it was reported that it was bought by Apple. The transaction amount is quite serious - 355 million US dollars.

    The main products of the acquired company are software for mobile devices, personal computers and network devices, which is designed to ensure the security of both individual devices and entire systems. In addition, AuthenTec also produces hardware solutions of a similar orientation. This company actively cooperates with large and medium partners, including such giants as Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Lenovo.

    As a result of the signing of the contract of sale, AuthenTec becomes a subsidiary of the apple company. All assets of this company, including patents and other developments, become the property of Apple. It may well be that in the near future, security technologies developed inside AuthenTec will become part of Apple products.

    Now the most popular AuthenTec products are biometric scanners in mobile devices, these scanners are used to authenticate the user when making a payment from mobile devices.

    For example, it can be biometric protection, or any other technology from the field of security. Now more and more malicious software for Apple products is appearing, so the company will not be prevented by additional protection.

    Via reuters

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