Habramoskva. Report. Part 2.

    - Dad, and dad, habrolyudi live in real life?
    - No, son, this is fantastic ...

    And so, refuting the well-known truth that habro-people live only in virtual, they decided to pack up and dispel myths.

    After gathering in Kursk, and briefly intimidating by their existence, peaceful inhabitants, roaming around with bags with bags of bags in an unknown direction at the aforementioned station, the habro-men went to the vicinity of Paveletskaya station.

    Having got out of the subway, the habro-people walked unexplored paths for a long time, in a certain direction.

    Until they came

    to the famous bar in LJ-shnyh circles:

    Well, then they sat and talked.

    They drank absinthe

    . They broke a chair. Paid for ugliness

    we went for a walk along the embankment of the Moskva River

    We created a disgrace

    Well, then, have immortalized their faces red area, wandered through the Apple exhibition at the Central Department Store, and completed a meeting in the cafe «Eat and Talk»

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