Have you organized or are going to organize a startup? Let me help you!

    This post is an attempt to gather information on startup support programs from Microsoft.

    Perhaps it’s worth starting the story with BizSpark . This program allows you to get Microsoft tools for software development almost for free (registration for participation in the program is free, the program itself lasts three years and the only expense that you will have to pay is to pay a fee of $ 100 after three years).
    In order to participate in the program, your company must:
    • develop software, or intend to develop software (outsourcing and service activities are not suitable)
    • exist for no more than three years
    • have an annual income of not more than 500 thousand US dollars (otherwise, why not buy a license)
    Even a private person who plans to organize a startup and register a company can register.

    You can read about the list of products in an article on Habré or on the official support site or on the official website of the initiative to help the Russian IT business .

    In order to enter the program and get software from Microsoft, you need to send me at gaidar.magdanurov@microsoft.com a brief information about your company or about the idea that your startup will implement, after which, if your company meets the conditions programs, I will give you a code that you can use for free registration in the program on the website: http://www.microsoft.com/BizSpark/Startup/Signup.aspx .

    The second program worth talking about is Microsoft Business Start . This is an opportunity to receive funding for your project for the first three years of development. Last year, every third application (out of 93) received funding. In addition, if your application is approved, you will receive the opportunity to participate in Start In Garage trainings for free , which will provide you with the knowledge necessary for a successful business.

    Why do these programs need Microsoft, I think that you understand that companies using Microsoft software products promote not only themselves, but also the products themselves that use it. However, these programs are also useful for start-up companies, which can boost the business and economy of the country, as the volume of the intellectual part of GDP increases.

    If you have any questions about these programs, then ask them in the comments - I and colleagues will answer them. And of course, register in the programs!

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