ASP.NET MVC 3 Preview

    3rd ASP.NET MVC Preview is available.
    You can download it here. I have
    n’t touched it yet. The “main ones” did not unsubscribe at the time of publication. We will wait for detailed explanations.

    Also, as usual, source code is available .

    Differences from preview 2:
    - availability of moq 2.0 assembly in the release !!!
    - now all the controller methods return an object of the ActionResult class
    - now you can force the controller to generate a response in Json
    - there is an opportunity to "explicitly do nothing", returning the ActionResult type - EmptyResult.
    - new IActionFilter interface for attributes
    - added events for ActionFilters (OnActionExecuting, etc.)
    - fixed bugs in some HTML helpers
    - New routes.MapRoute method to facilitate URL route declaration.

    Details in the release description! thnx.

    UPD: So the “main” unsubscribed.
    Details of the implementation of the template, screencasts and descriptions can be found at

    UPD2: Here they brought up the screencasts . There is also a description.

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