Two-legged Atlas robot walked in the forest

    The Atlas humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics has left the lab. He went for a cross-country walk in the Massachusetts state forest. Although some media believe that the robot " moves like a drunk Iron Man, " but the obvious is that Atlas has become much better at maintaining balance on an uneven surface.

    One of the founders of Boston Dynamics, Marc Raibert, spoke in the robotics section at the Fab Lab conference . He talked about new Atlas achievements. The robot was specially released into nature, because there it falls into an “unpredictable environment” where anything could happen. The developers were interested to see how Atlas behaves in such conditions.

    Boston Dynamics first published a video on how Atlas moves outdoors. He looks pretty confident, as if following the trail of a fugitive man.

    A humanoid robot maintains balance in the same way as a person does: he moves his hands and tilts his body to shift the center of gravity one vertical with the area of ​​the support.

    Atlas- A mobile robot specifically designed for cross country travel. On particularly difficult terrain, he can use his upper limbs to climb slides or make his way through crowded spaces. Stereo cameras and a laser rangefinder are installed on the head of the robot. Thanks to the new software, he holds his balance much better than many of the robots participating in the DARPA Robotics Challenge this year (video).

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