Internet access problems in small towns

    Thinking about the Internet in small cities. And small networks.

    We have a small city, ~ 200-300 thousand people, Adsl provide 2 offices clearly dividing the city in half. Each office has its own telephone exchange, and it provides adsl internet only on its numbers. There are 2 more or less large local area networks, but the coverage of the city is small, and the prices do not differ much from adsl, the Internet quality is slightly higher. There is a provider that provides the Internet via cable TV, through cable modems, but the problem of coverage remains open.

    Based on these thoughts, the question arose:

    We have a situation: a “pioneer” network in a small area, about 10 houses. There are 2 servers / routers distributing Internet in the network, which are taken over 2m adsl channels 2mbit / s.

    I would like to: Put the network in order, arrange everything legally, conclude an agreement with any of the local provinces, to buy from them an Internet in a mass quantity. And at their prices / channels to distribute the Internet to people.

    In general, create a network with blackjack and whores with their own rules, tariff services and other things that are possible on the local network.

    And the question is, how difficult is it / easy for the average person. And how it can be issued from the point of view of licenses, and what can cost money. Unfortunately, there is no experience in these matters, so I ask the advice of knowledgeable people. And how much it can be cost-effective, as well as whether this venture has a chance for development.

    I think these problems are applicable to many cities of our country.

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