Resource development for creative people.

    Good afternoon, dear.

    Recently, it has become fashionable to turn your startup into a reality show. On the one hand, the limited and tight deadlines prevent the idea from stagnating, and while it’s on, you can do a lot, and on the other hand, if all this is accompanied by an element of the show, it’s possible to promote it more or less.

    I admit, I’m doing exactly the same now. With a few exceptions, there are no specific dates. More precisely, there are no tight deadlines. This is not a startup in 24 hours and not a social network in a week. But I’m not afraid to burn out, because the idea that I got sick with has been living in my head for a sufficient amount of time, and, to be honest, I'm trying to implement it for the third time.

    The thing is that I relate to this idea as a father to a child, and, as you know, parents want their child to be better, and therefore I redraw the idea from time to time. But the ideal, as you know, does not happen. Therefore, it was decided not to limit itself to terms, but to public opinion. In my LJ, I periodically post intermediate results on the development of design and technical specifications for the programmer (I myself do not know the art of programming, and therefore, by the way, I’m now searching for an ally who is interested - write). And, really, friend comments help a lot in developing and correcting flaws.

    I am working on a specialized resource for creative people. Three years ago, a similar resource was opened in the local network of the Altai Territory, but then the developers have not heard anything about the concept of socialization on the Internet. For example, the addition of new works occurs through moderation. Extremely inconvenient rating is misleading. And usability is completely limping on both legs. All of this now I want to avoid.

    Now there is the experience of past years and the idea of ​​a resource that is in demand, and I hope it will be popular.

    Thank you for your attention, I invite you to discuss in your LJ .

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