Estonian domains will no longer be free

    Until now, Estonia has remained one of the few countries where domain names were registered for free. Of course, under certain restrictions: only citizens of this Baltic state, as well as organizations and institutions registered in Estonia, could become domain owners, while one organization could only claim one domain name.

    At the beginning of this year, the management of EENet , the official registrar of EE domains, confirmed plans to change the registration of domain names in the Estonian national domain during 2008. It is possible that domain registration will be paid, Postimees writes .

    EENet director Mihkel Kraav and head of the Institute of Chemical and Biophysics (EE domain administrator) Raivo Stern told Äripäev that the registration procedure is likely to change this year.

    Since 2006, rumors have been circulating about giving individuals the opportunity to register domains in the EE zone, as well as about the possibility of registering several domains per legal entity.

    If the changes are implemented, Internet providers will register the domains, and EENet will act as the technical center of the Estonian domain. According to Kraava, the providers will decide whether to charge customers for domain registration or make this service as a bonus when ordering the main services.

    According to Kraava, EENet is ready to launch a paid registration system in 3-4 months. The registration fee will be the same as for EU domains - 10 euros (156 kroons).

    “So far, we have successfully serviced domains, at least no complaints were heard. And we will do this next year, because domain regulation is important for the development of science. That EE domains will be paid is necessary because the private sector takes domains very intensively. For 15 years we have been doing this work for free, and the state also did not allocate resources for this. The sponsors helped us pay the fees of international organizations, ”added Raivo Stern, director of the institute.

    via ru-center

    ps who thinks the growth trend will continue with the introduction of paid registration?

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