The problem of two pills

    The task is about two pills, but the matrix has nothing to do with it :)

    You need to take two pills every day - one of the blue bubble and one of the red.
    It is a matter of life and death. If you do not, you will die. And if you take two pills from the same vial, you will die too.
    Today, taking one pill from the blue vial, you shook the red vial too much and two red vial pills fell on your palm.
    Unfortunately, this is not a matrix and only multi-colored bubbles, and not the pills themselves.
    So you have three exactly the same pills on your hand: one from the blue vial and two from red.
    You have no opportunity to distinguish them - both in appearance and in taste they do not differ in any way.
    You cannot throw them away and take new ones - they are priceless.
    How do you take the medicine without risking anything?

    This problem is one of those that middle school students solve quickly, and people with a mathematical education often do not solve it at all. You can ask clarifying questions on the condition, the decision to write here right away is not worth it.

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