Are you missing? Indicate the reason ...

    Me and not only me were bullied by trolls who, for no reason, minus the top.

    I suggest to habracoders to make a chip when a person is minus - indicate the reason “for what”.
    Because you don’t need to poke a lot of mind, but explain - oops ... it feels like people have some kind of complex.

    I don’t really care about karma, but because of the trolls to lose the opportunity to write in your own blog - sorry, this is stupid.

    Who is for indicating the reason for the minus, and the author of the top was able to read and adjust his skills.
    Because as you ask for what - everyone stupidly ignores and minuses further.

    But the top translations or news of the IT industry, which can be read in the RSS of the IT site, are in the top ... moronity ...

    UPD: It turns out an interesting situation. People posted govnokopi-pastes, that is, they didn’t really put anything personal; a person reading - plus, as the news was normal. Another person who writes _svoe_ was mistaken with the taste of the audience or something else, for example, a mistake in the code - minus.

    The result is a person who makes govnokopipasta and does nothing of his own, but just six - karma, has a rating, a normal person who tries - in the minuses.

    Moreover, he does not know why the minus ... what's the matter? Because you see how lazy you are to write the reason for the backing track !!!

    UPD2: Trapping trolls. I propose to administrators to count the last N user ratings ... If for a day, for example, from 50 ratings, 45 minus ... is a troll. Well, or let's say 80% of the minus is the Troll.

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